Team Sales Pitch
Innovation is a team effort. Each of us will often love our own ideas without honestly considering those of other people, but it is often the mixing of ideas with "give and take" discussions that lead to the best solutions to problems. In this exercise we want to work on teams to generate a sales pitch for a computerized solution to a problem.




  1. 1.
    Determine the general problem involving computers that your team will be solving and consider how you could re-frame the problem. Choose at least three techniques from this article to reframe your problem.
  2. 2.
    Now, brainstorm to generate at least 7 ideas for solving the problem. Consider using techniques from this article. Remember, reserve judgement for now.
  3. 3.
    Evaluate each idea using your problem frames and discuss the pros and cons for each. Score each solution idea according to 1) most potential value and 2) likely difficulty to implement.
  4. 4.
    Develop a visual explanation of the chose solution that will help others understand your idea quickly. You could generate a sketch of an interface or create a process diagram that outlines the idea.
  5. 5.
    Create a value proposition that succinctly states who your solution helps, what problem it helps them overcome, and what ultimate benefit is provided. You can use the template below as a starting point.
    For [describe target users] who [describe problem or need], [name of product] is a [describe type of product] that [describe benefit or value].
    Example Value Proposition: For teachers who struggle with taking attendance all day or find it disruptive to the beginning of class, Attendance Checker is a device that will help make attendance easier for every class period of the day where students initiate the check-in as they enter the classroom.
  6. 6.
    Prepare for a presentation pitch of 3 to 5 minutes consisting of the following elements.
    1. 1.
      Team Name and Solution Title
    2. 2.
      Value Proposition
    3. 3.
      Summary of how your team framed the problem
    4. 4.
      Summary of the process your team used to generate the solution

🎉 Now pitch your idea with confidence and energy.


Provide a simple rubric with three to four criteria to guide the expectations of the activity.
Needs Improvement
Value Proposition
The value proposition was clear, concise and provided a very compelling case for the team's solution.
The value proposition was clear and well-formatted.
The value proposition was not clear and did not provide reflect a thorough team process.
Problem Framing and Brainstorming
The team demonstrated a rigorous and insightful process in re-framing the problem from various perspectives and generated a diverse set of ideas.
The team demonstrated a good effort in re-framing and generating ideas.
The team showed limited progress in reframing the problem or generating new ideas.
Team Dynamic
The team demonstrated excellent team dynamics of respect, attitude, and responsibility.
The team sufficiently worked together for each component of the effort.
The team appeared to have some breakdowns in communication and collaboration.

Extension Activities

Develop a Business Model

Determine the technical and financial needs to sustain your computing solution. Use the following article as a guide to developing a business model.
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Create a Story Board

Generate a storyboard with three to nine frames that provides a visual narrative to your solution.
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