Discuss Effects of Technology
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What are your opinions on the effects of technology regarding privacy, security, mental health, and accessibility? These are complicated topics with a lot to consider and often difficult to discuss. In this activity you will use a technique called the constellation retrospective, used in agile development, to allow a team to share their sentiment on topics.



Produce a concise video summary of the instructions below, potentially demonstrating steps with an example as needed. Provide a brief introduction to the instructions here, but allow the video to provide the detail and nuance of the activity.
List the instructions clearly with appropriate links and images that support student completion of the activity.


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Provide a simple rubric with three to four criteria to guide the expectations of the activity.
Needs Improvement
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Extension Activities

Provide a one or two extension activities that teachers and students may choose to do. Include a brief description of how each extension could be approached.

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Extension Title 2

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