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Recognizing and Defining Computational Problems: Define problems, break them down into parts, and evaluate each part to determine whether a computational solution is appropriate.



User Experience Research

UX (user experience) research is the careful study of computer applications (apps), the target users, and how well the computer applications serve the needs of the users. Through a systematic process researchers can uncover problems with application and opportunities for improvement.

You can use three approaches to your research.

💬 You can listen to what users say about a product by using techniques like interviews and surveys, 👀 you can observe what user do with a product, and 🤔 you can do an independent review based on heuristics (or "rules of thumb").
All three approaches are valuable and require the researcher to practice empathy for the best results. Each approach has it's advantages and disadvantages, and often UX researchers will use several techniques to develop a thorough evaluation.

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